Program Description

This program teaches students intervention, protection and rehabilitation techniques to inspire change in at-risk youth and incarcerated adult offenders. The program focus on both community and the institutional sectors of the criminal justice system, working toward the rehabilitation of those in conflict with the law. Students will train in the legal aspects of crime and behaviour, security measures and techniques and interviewing and intervention skills for young offenders, adult offenders, and victims. Intervening with clients, students will address and access problems to constructively manage behavioural change. Fitness and emergency management skills will be developed in a licensed testing facility, on campus, to corrections industry standards. Students will develop case management, counselling, assessment and report writing skills that build positive client/worker interactions and relationships. 

Career Paths: 
  • Supervisors in Correctional Facilities
  • First Line Respond Officers in prison/jail
  • Work with offenders and other high-risk client groups toward rehabilitation post incarceration
  • Work with local school boards, youth workers, mentors and peer reconciliation aides and agencies serving victims