Hosts of WIPCE 2017 Receive Leaders Circle Recognition Award

Conference projected to bring $8.5million in visitor expenditures to Toronto area

Host leaders of the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education (WIPCE) 2017 Rebecca Jamieson, President and CEO Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP), and Tuesday Johnson-MacDonald, President TAP Resources (TAP), were honoured with a Leaders Circle Recognition Award on June 16, 2016, for their efforts in bringing WIPCE to Toronto, Ontario.

The ceremony took place at the June 16th inaugural Recognition Gala of the Leaders Circle held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, where Jamieson and Johnson-MacDonald were among the 30 recipients to be recognized. All 30 recipients were honoured for their contributions in bringing 26 international gatherings to Toronto during a 7-year span from 2012-2019.

The Leaders Circle represents Toronto's official Ambassador Program supported by Tourism Toronto and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC). Among those in attendance was Ontario Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, and Leaders Circle Honorary Ambassador, Reza Moridi, President and CEO of Tourism Toronto, Johanne Bélanger and Barry Smith, President and CEO of MTCC.


"The WIPCE conference is unparalleled in its inspirational impact. It is an opportunity to affirm Indigenous knowledge and cultures, share best practices and recharge your batteries with hope and commitment for the future of Indigenous people and our planet. Six Nations Polytechnic extends a warm welcome to all to come and enjoy WIPCE 2017 for a positive and empowering experience."
- Rebecca Jamieson, President and CEO, Six Nations Polytechnic

"As co-hosts of WIPCE 2017, we are honored to be recognized by the Leaders Circle for bringing this distinguished conference to the city of Toronto. We saw an opportunity to bring a global Indigenous voice to the continuing discussion and developments of reconciliation within Indigenous Education. We look forward to creating the platform for this Celebration of Resilience"
- Tuesday Johnson-MacDonald, President and Senior Event Manager, TAP Resources

Fast Facts:

  • The Leaders Circle is an association of Canadian professionals who are experts in their respective fields;
  • This distinguished network of professionals share a common goal of showcasing Toronto as a revolutionary city filled with excellence and opportunities.
  • The association partners with top thinkers such as Jamieson and Johnson-MacDonald to bring Toronto into the spotlight on the international meeting stage.
  • The World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education 2017 (WIPCE) will be held July 24–July 29, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.
  • WIPCE 2017 is expected to attract more than 4,000 visitors from around the world. Among the visitors will also be highly regarded experts and scholars in the field of Indigenous Education.
  • WIPCE 2017 is expected to have a tremendous economic impact on the city of Toronto with visitor expenditures projected to be over $8.5million.

About Rebecca Jamieson:

Jamieson continues to be influential in fulfilling the vision of SNP to achieve international distinction for excellence in Indigenous education, Indigenous language revitalization and continuance of Indigenous knowledge.

About Tuesday Johnson-MacDonald:

Johnson-MacDonald contributes her specialized expertise of event production while continuing to promote and influence the industry on Indigenous issues. As a social entrepreneur Tuesday is focused on bringing impact, awareness and change to Indigenous lives.

About TAP Resources:

TAP Resources is a lead Indigenous-owned event management firm with over fifteen years experience producing Indigenous conference and events. TAP brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as a powerful and diverse network of skilled associates, colleagues and contractors. Tuesday has built TAP on the principles of Trust and Partnership with her clients, suppliers and key stakeholders. As a social entrepreneur Tuesday brings both her ambition and heart to the table to brighten the awareness and impact transformation for Indigenous lives.