Course Description

This course explores the critical foundations of school leadership.

Topical areas covered in this course include: setting protocols and directions, relationship and capacity building, developing the organization to support desired practices, improving instructional programs, securing accountability and personal leadership resources.

This course seeks to provide candidates with directed learning that supports their development as reflective practitioners who poses the ability to function well in dynamic and diverse school settings. This course will utilize Indigenous education models and frameworks to expand and build upon leadership theories and regulatory components. 

Requirements for Admission Part I:

  1. Certificate of Qualification and Registration
  2. An acceptable postsecondary degree or qualifications that the Registrar considers to be equivalent to such a degree
  3. Intermediate division qualification in a general education subject listed in Schedule A or Grades 9 and 10 technological subject from Schedule B, and entries for any two of the following qualifications:
  • The Primary division
  • The Junior division
  • Either Grades 11 and 12 in a technological education subject from Schedule B or the Senior division in a general education subject from Schedule A   
  1. Five school years of successful classroom teaching experience in a school providing elementary or secondary education

And one of:

  • Two specialist or honour specialist qualifications
  • One specialist or honour specialist qualification and at least half the number of graduate postsecondary credits required to qualify for a master’s degree
  • A master’s degree that required completion of at least 30 graduate postsecondary credits or their equivalent or a doctorate
  • At least 30 graduate postsecondary credits or their equivalent


  1. The graduate credits must have been granted by an institution authorized to grant an acceptable postsecondary degree and have been completed in addition to any credits required for initial certification.
  2. Effective September 30, 2011, qualifications in three subjects from Schedule F is deemed to be equivalent to one specialist or honour specialist qualification for the purposes of admission into Principal’s Qualification, Part I.