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Winona LaDuke. Photo by Todd Cooper

Champions for Change



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Nov. 14-15, 2018
Six Nations Polytechnic

Honouring Connections

CHAMPIONS FOR CHANGE (C4C) is an Indigenous education conference focused on reciprocity, Indigenous sustainability, and closing knowledge gaps pertaining to Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The conference originated in 2013 and has become an integral part of SNP’s signature education conference series.


The theme of this year’s conference is Honouring Connections: Exploring Notions of Indigenous Sustainability. C4C 2018 provides an opportunity for Indigenous leaders, learners, educators and institutions in support of education to consider the connections we have to the environment, the natural world and one another through the lens of the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address.

What's Happening at C4C 2018?

At this year's conference we've asked our speakers to share their ideas and insights about sustainability. We also make an effort to consider those insights through the lens of the Thanksgiving Address and consider how we might implement those insights in the everyday, whether through our home, classroom or professional settings. Speakers will include Winona LaDuke, Tom Deer, Rick Hill, Kelsey Leonard, Aisha and Joe Restoule-General, Taylor Gibson, and more!

What You'll Learn
Conference Learning Outcomes

Practical implications for classrooms;
Utilizing Indigenous Knowledge Resources;

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Breakout Workshops
Applying Knowledge

Dive a little deeper into sustainability practices with one of our four workshops:

  1. Plant Life as Medicine (Participants must do both days)
  2. The Three Sisters & How to make your own seed bag
  3. Hodinohso:ni Social Dances & Songs
  4. Our Sustenance: How to Make Blueberry Mush with White Corn

More information coming soon!

Conference Agenda

There will be a variety of speaking events, workshops and networking opportunities. View our preliminary agenda below!

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Indigenous Knowledge Experts

We're pleased to announce Winona LaDuke, Tom Deer, Rick Hill and more will be speaking on a variety of Indigenous topics at this year's conference.

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Conference Sponsors

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