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Student Affairs

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Student Services

Student Success

Six Nations Polytechnic is committed to supporting student success. Please get in touch with your campus Student Success Officer for more information on programs and services that promote student success. 
Student Success Officer (SSO) at SNP
The SSO is here to help with all non-academic related issues for students. This can range from following up with students who have been absent for a few days to students experiencing transportation issues.  
Services your SSO offers

  • First point of contact for post-secondary specific questions, services, and resources  
  • Academic advising  
  • Provide student academic advising  
  • Transition support into post-secondary studies  
  • Navigating academic processes  
  • Registration support  
  • Mediating between student and program  
  • Coordinate and facilitate student-focused campus events  
  • Refer students to community support and resources  
  • Study skill development  

Referral Process
To access services: Students are asked to make a self-referral, or an instructor or staff can refer a student.   
To make a self-referral or advocacy referral, please email your campus Student Success Officer or stop by their campus office  
Brantford Campus, College & Trades 
Kari Hill, Office A102E.  
Ohsweken Campus, University and Lifelong Learning 
Lee-ann Blackbird

Academic Accommodations

SNP provides support to students who need academic accommodation during their studies with us.

Accessibility Services is committed to providing equal opportunity, individualized accommodations, and support to students with disabilities. Have Questions? Need Assistance? Want to Book an Appointment? Contact Accessibility Services (AS) at or by phone at (226) 493-1245 EXT. 7260.

Office A102A -Brantford Campus, Six Nations Campus - By Appointment

Cultural Support

SNP is dedicated to the revitalization of Indigenous cultural practices on campus. Please contact the Cultural Support Worker for more information on resources, workshops and services available to promote Hodinohso:ni’ learning for all students.   

Supports include: 

  • Promotes and facilitates cultural fluency  

  • Coordinate and facilitate student events on both campuses  

  • Cultural supports- I.e., smudging policy, student check-ins, cultural workshops  

Referral Process

To access services: Students are asked to make a self-referral, or an instructor, or staff can refer a student.   

To make a self-referral or advocacy referral, please email the Cultural Support Worker or stop by their campus office    

Tanya Thomas-Elliott, Office Student Lounge, Brantford Campus 


For SNP tutoring services through Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP) please contact your campus Student
Success Officer (SSO).

For full-time students funded through the Grand River Post-Secondary Education Office (GRPSEO), additional tutorial funding supports are available. Please contact an Education Counsellor or visit their website at GRPSEO.


Please check your SNP email & Brightspace for all upcoming events and relevant information.

Student Community Resources

Community Supports and Mental Health Services

Six Nations Mental Health Services 519-445-2418

Ganhohkwasra Family Assault Support Services, Counselling (24 hours, 7 days/week, 365 days/year) 519-445-4324

First Nations & Inuit Hope for Wellness Helpline 1-855-242-3310

Canadian Mental Health Association, Brantford 1-519-752-2998

St. Leonard's Community Services, Immediate Telephone Crisis Counselling (24 hours, 7 days/week, 365 days/year) 519-759-7188 or 1-866-811-7188

Six Nations Child & Family Services 519-445-0230 or 519-445-2204 (mobile service)

TALK4HEALING 1-988-554-4325

Student Affairs Staff

Amber Porter

Student Affairs
Cultural Support Worker
Brantford Campus

Elan Henhawk

Student Affairs
Cultural Support Worker - Student Affairs
Brantford Campus

Hailey Thomas

Student Affairs
Unit Manager - Student Affairs

Julieann Lofthouse

Student Affairs
Accessibility Navigator

Lee-ann Blackbird

Student Affairs
Student Success Officer

Student Policies

Our Philosophy and Belief - the Foundation of Six Nations Polytechnic Board Policies

Click Here to Download Board Policies

If people do not keep pace with others perhaps it is because they hear a different drummer. Allow them to step in harmony to the music which they hear however measured or far away. Our cosmology places Native people in a balanced familial relationship with the universe and the earth. In our languages, the earth is our Mother, the sun-our Eldest Brother, the moon-our Grandmother, the plants and animals-our brothers and sisters. From this view, our people believe that all elements of the natural world are connected physically and spiritually and are to interrelate to each other to benefit the whole. The responsibility then falls on the people to peacefully maintain nature’s delicate balance to ensure that unborn generations can enjoy what we enjoy today. Six Nations Polytechnic accepts this responsibility and is devoted to facilitating the will and determination of our community to maintain an environmentally friendly world through education, training, and research.

Six Nations Polytechnic, a native-focused institution of learning, has a moral responsibility to the people to take a lead role in the preservation of our environment. Through the Hodinohso:ni`/Rotinonhshonni world view of our universe we will assist in the survival of life on this planet through research, the study of alternative views, and the dissemination of information.

Six Nations Polytechnic will endeavour to keep up with the beat of the 21st century and at the same time offer the understanding inherent in our language and culture. In this way, the people may receive an education that assists them to keep pace with both drums.

Six Nations Polytechnic will take a lead role in bridging the chasm of understanding between the two cultures of our lives and create an atmosphere for healing our differences so that we can both look with optimism into the 21st century.

Six Nations Polytechnic has the role and responsibility, as an institution of the people of Six Nations, to offer the opportunity to be educated to ensure languages and culture survive. It also has the responsibility to provide an education that enables our people to survive in both worlds.

Six Nations Polytechnic is becoming the catalyst that offers the opportunity and place for our Native scholars and elders to share their knowledge with all our people and to offer the non- Native an opportunity to study a different worldview.

Created by Harvey Longboat Sr. 1994

Missed Academic Work Policy

Click Here to Download the Missed Academic Work Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide appropriate accommodation opportunities for learners who miss work due to medical and personal circumstance. This policy seeks to balance the needs and requirements of all learning community stakeholders, including but not limited to: students, instructors and administrators. It is the prerogative of the course instructor to determine the appropriate relief for missed work in their course.

All student requests made under this policy should be conducted with a commitment to academic integrity. The institutional (instructor and administrative) response to such requests should also be done in a manner to provide reasonable accommodation. All parties operating under this policy shall conduct themselves in accordance with the organizational values of Kanikoriio.

2023-2024 Student Handbook

Click Here to Download the 2023-2024 Student Handbook

From the start, Six Nations Polytechnic had a clear vision about the contribution we could make to both our home community and the international community. Our unique education mission was first articulated in the founding statement of philosophy and belief, written by Harvey Longboat, a Six Nations educator and traditional leader, in 1994. This philosophy speaks to the need for an educational institution with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, language, culture, and ensuring that Haudenosaunee people have the tools to succeed in the two worlds we find ourselves in:

2023-2024 Academic Calendar

Click Here to Download the 2023-2024 Academic Calendar

This calendar applies to the Six Nations Polytechnic University Consortium Year 1 Program (UP), the Bachelor of Arts in Ogwehoweh Languages (BAOL), the Honours Bachelor of Arts in Ogwehoweh Languages (HBAOL), and the Gayogoho:no’ Gawęnǫdahgǫh (Cayuga Language) Immersion Program.

Update Name or Gender Form

Click Here to Download the Update Name or Gender Form

This form can be used by current and former post-secondary students in the event of a gender or name change. Before submitting your request, please review how your name currently appears on your Six Nations Polytechnic record. You can view this by reviewing your User Profile on MySNP. You can find your User Profile by clicking on your username on the right-hand side of your screen. If you are in a partner program or no longer have access to your MySNP account, please connect with your Student Success Officer at or Accessibility Navigator at who will help you navigate updating your name or gender.