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Thank you for considering a donation! The education success rates of the Indigenous Peoples participating in Canada’s western education systems are far from acceptable. Help close this gap by supporting access to postsecondary education in a culturally responsive system, that prepares Indigenous learners for the labour market, while acquiring Hodinoso:ni culture, language, and traditions.

Why SNP?

SNP has over twenty-five years of experience delivering Indigenous postsecondary education with incredible success! The provincial curriculum is modified and infused with Indigenous knowledge and transferred through an extensive network of Indigenous professors and First language instructors, guardians, scholars, and a growing archival centre of Hodinoso:ni resources.

Priorities for Giving

  1. Tuition Scholarships
  2. Student Bursaries
  3. Program Expansion

Ways to Give

  1. Email 
  2. Provide a one-time or recurring contribution.
  3. Pay tribute to an occasion or honour the memory of a loved one with a gift to SNP.

Please note that at this time we are unable to accept electronic transfer payments. Email or call our Finance Department at 519-445-0023 to learn how you can give. 

Join our Champions for Change Program

This program has unique benefits for donors with annual contributions of $5000.00 or more. Champions for Change provides a foundation to grow our Institute in support of Indigenous Sustainability. As a Champion for Change, you will receive special invitations and opportunities to experience SNP, meet students, educators, and community members who believe in education, sustainability and Indigenous knowledge as much as you do. All Champions receive:

  • A subscription to the annual newsletter
  • A copy of our Annual Report
  • A listing in our Annual Report (if desired)
  • A listing on our website (if desired)
  • Special event invitations.

SNP has benefitted from the support of individuals, families, organizations, colleges, universities, corporations, cultural centres, all levels of government, and the private sector. We welcome your support!